By way of introduction…

Another musician wielding another WordPress blog. So far, so average. Arguably, this is the place where I should tell you all that I have an exciting and original idea, which will revolutionise the “blogosphere” and keep you all abreast of every “Next Big Thing” that you really need to start caring about; but I think you probably know as well as I do that this is not the case. Not that this has stopped people in the past.

(I don’t even like the word “blog.” Have you tried saying it out loud? Try saying it, preferably in a British accent if you have one, even more preferably in the way you’d expect Rowan Atkinson to say it. It sounds wet and unpleasant, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s just me…)

So what am I offering? Well, I’m a musician. I’ve dabbled with a few instruments, but am best known among my associates as a bass guitarist. And because I can only afford relatively cheap basses and old amplifiers, I find myself dismantling them because something’s broken, or because I want to upgrade some of the innards. So there should be something here for anybody interested in wiring and the smell of solder.

And, of course, if I make music then I must surely have an opinion on it. I shall attempt to share and review new stuff that I like, and probably rant about stuff that I don’t like. I may even attempt to have my own say on the much-debated State of the Modern Music Industry.

In short: music and instruments, from the point of view of the bass player. Hopefully you’ll find something of interest here, at least once I’ve got my act together and written a few posts.

And for what it’s worth, 100 Internet Points to the first person who correctly guesses where this blog’s name comes from.


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