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The Birth of Aradia (part II)

To recap from Part I, Aradia began life as an ill-thought-out project to build a new bass that would combine the elements I liked best from my two existing basses. I basically wanted something akin to a Precision bass, but with a mahogany body. The mahogany body, I bought from eBay, to find that whatever […]

In response to the response to Amanda Palmer

If you’ve found this post, chances are you already have a rough idea about all this. You may already have your own opinions. If you don’t have either, then to summarise: Amanda Palmer raised some $1.2 million through a Kickstarter project. This funded an album and the infrastructure for a tour. She put out a […]

The Birth of Aradia (part I)

The acronym GAS, standing for Gear Acquisition Syndrome, will be familiar to anybody who’s ever tried reading a thread on a guitar or bass forum. It’s that feeling that you get once you’re familiar with your new guitar, bass, amp, pedal, cable, strap – any part of your setup, really – that makes you think […]