Gear review: #1 Ibanez Bass Tube Screamer

Or, TheCrowFromBelow rants at length about bass overdrives before finally telling you about his new TS9B. Overdrive and/or distortion effects are just one of those things that the modern lead guitarist is never without. Very few rock or blues guitarists would leave the house without one in their guitar case – well, except Angus Young, […]

The Birth of Aradia (part III)

It’s been a while since I updated Aradia’s ongoing story. At the end of Part II, Aradia was starting to resemble a bass guitar rather than just a collection of parts; the machine heads were attached to the headstock, and I’d started bolting the neck to the body. Unfortunately, in the process, I’d knackered the […]

The Music and the Man – can they be separated?

Not so long ago, a music journalist by the name of Chloe Papas wrote a scathing review of an album by Chris Brown. It went viral very quickly and has already attracted comment from plenty of sources. Myself, I found it via Facebook, and couldn’t help but notice the comments left by other users. For […]

Your act’s image, and whether it is important.

The other night, our guitarist sent us this article. It made for interesting reading, particularly from the point of view of somebody who would, eventually, dearly love to be able to make a living playing his own music (or at least, our guitarist’s music, given he writes most of the songs). The TL;DR version is […]

Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (part III)

The last two instalments of ASAM have featured artists who are (to the best of my knowledge) independent, and relatively unheard of at the time of writing. There is, as I mentioned previously, also the tiniest element of pimping my friends’ music, given that I know four of them. I thought I’d deviate from this […]