Another reason to be the bass player

Name a musical instrument, and there’s probably a joke about the person that plays it. A particularly memorable one for bass guitarists runs along the lines of,
“Q: What does a bass player use for contraception?

A: His personality.”

Of course, most of us have a better reason for having ended up on bass than for simply being failed guitarists and/or socially inept. And I recently found another one: when someone’s pointing a camera at you – or, more specifically, at your instrument, you can be confident that it will look a damn sight cooler than similar close-ups on your guitarist:

Obviously, I write this from a position of clear bias. I have always preferred bass guitars to their six-string ancestors. But I think there’s definitely something about those big, thick strings and the seemingly endless expanse of rosewood between those jumbo frets. I think it’s a reasonably fair test – a Gibson guitar compared with a Gibson bass, albeit different models. I defy you to tell me I’m wrong.


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