Indie Noir at The Islington 17/07/2015

Last Friday, Cherry White were invited to join Mishkin Fitzgerald, Sumer and Hana Piranha for the 5th Indie Noir night. We thought it went rather well, and Sophia appears to agree:

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Last night I went to an Indie Noir live music event at The Islington in Angel, London. It was organised by the fabulously unique and talented Mishkin Fitzgerald and featured live music from four diverse singers and bands from the dark side of indie music, as well as art work by my friend and uber talented artist Audrey Bishop who draws the best and weirdest faces, and stunning masquerade-esque masks and merchandise by costume designer Hippy Poppins. The night was dedicated to celebrating independent artists who explore the dark and melancholy side of life through music, art, fashion and film, and the atmosphere was set by the black drawn curtains and a showcase of clips from black and white horror films which was displayed in the background throughout the night, the artwork was displayed on the walls and everywhere you looked there was something ‘noir’ going on.  Some of the audience came dressed for the occasion…

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