Tonerider pickups Vs Squier Classic Vibe Pickups

Regular readers may recall that I popped a Tonerider Jazz Bass pickup into Aradia, the eBay Frankenbass I haphazardly put together a couple of years ago. Turns out it was a sensible choice, as rumour has it they might well be using Tonerider pickups in Squier’s much-vaunted “Classic Vibe” range…

(And I will freely admit to having tried a few CV Precisions and been very tempted!)


Quite rightly, the Squier Classic Vibe range of guitars and basses have received universal praise since their release, the build quality, look and tonal qualities far exceed expectations for their modest price and are regularly compared favourably to higher priced Fender models.

For some time there has been rumours that the Classic Vibe series use pickups made by a company called Tonerider.  Tonerider produce high quality pickups retailing at around £80 per set, a price that is half that of many of their competitors. Just like the Classic Vibe guitars themselves, Tonerider pickups have also received almost universal praise and compare favourably to much higher priced ’boutique’ pickups.

It’s hard to get a straight answer on this but rumours vary from them just being made in the same factory to them actually being exactly the same pickups. If Squier Classic Vibe’s do use Tonerider pickups it would go a long…

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Cherry White, in their own words

Know Me Better Music

1. How did you get your initial start in music?

Most of the band met at a weekly blues jam, we’d go every Tuesday night and play whatever songs were thrown at us. It was a great way of getting experience in front of an audience and learning stagecraft. Soon enough though we started writing original material and wanted to spread our creative wings.

2. What would be your ultimate aim in the industry?

To make a career full time, to be a working band creating new music for enthusiastic audiences.

3. How long have you been writing your own music?

As individuals we’ve been writing for many years, but Cherry White demanded a different style of song, so all original songs for the band were written in the last 4 years.

4. Who are your top three influences and why?

Led Zeppelin, they became the biggest band on the…

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This is what our ‘news’papers do every day…

Agent of History

I have just read an email sent by a ‘contributing editor’ of The Sun newspaper who is looking for a particular someone. This person’s words speak for themselves so I’ll say no more. Here’s the email (anonymised, of course)…


I’m looking for a woman aged 35+ who used to be overweight and on disability living allowance due to weight related issues, but is now a healthy weight and employed. We”d like her to agree with the idea that overweight people SHOULD lose their benefits if they refuse treatment on the NHS (e.g. gastric band surgery, gym membership etc). We’d want her to talk about how having her benefits taken away would have given her the motivation to lose weight, and how great she feels now that she’s thin and supporting herself.

NB, this is an edict from on-high (the editor), not one of my making (in case anybody takes…

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Album Review – Cherry White / Staring at the Sun EP (2015)

Personally I would trust the opinion of a moose, headbanging or otherwise…


Sit down, relax and enjoy this beautiful display of Blues Rock by an emerging British band destined to conquer the world with their elegant music.


cherry white_staring at the sunSometimes we all must slow down a bit in our hectic lives, relaxing our minds before we go nuts with all the wildness surrounding us. In order to achieve that desired level of peacefulness, there’s nothing better than enjoying some soft and passionate Rock N’ Roll, and the music crafted by British Contemporary Rock band Cherry White has exactly what it takes to help soothe our weary spirits. However, do not think the music you’ll find in their brand new EP entitled Staring at the Sun lacks excitement. Quite the contrary, the EP emanates electricity, gripping your attention even during its smoothest passages.

Insired by life in London during its austerity era, encompassed by the greed of the wealthy, the six tracks in Staring at the…

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Cherry White new EP – ‘Staring at the Sun’

Awfully good of Hear Me Raw to feature our recent EP on their blog:

Hear Me Raw

Currently building a buzz with their live shows in and around London, Cherry White have now taken to the studio to record a brand new EP, ‘Staring at the Sun’. Inspired by life in London during this austerity era, surrounded by the greed of the wealthy, the tracks circle around an aspiration to reach higher and achieve their goals in the music industry and beyond.

The EP is led out of the gate by single ‘Drifter’, which will be released on June 1st, one week prior to the full EP:

Engineered at Bark Studios by the excellent Brian O’Shaughnessy (Primal Scream, The Firm, My Bloody Valentine), the EP does a fantastic job of capturing the frenetic energy of a band who thrive on a live environment.


Cherry White’s live reputation was cemented at ‘Togfest’ in 2014, where their festival debut to a huge crowd was so well received…

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Indie Noir at The Islington 17/07/2015

Last Friday, Cherry White were invited to join Mishkin Fitzgerald, Sumer and Hana Piranha for the 5th Indie Noir night. We thought it went rather well, and Sophia appears to agree:

Sophia's news, reviews and cooking tips


Last night I went to an Indie Noir live music event at The Islington in Angel, London. It was organised by the fabulously unique and talented Mishkin Fitzgerald and featured live music from four diverse singers and bands from the dark side of indie music, as well as art work by my friend and uber talented artist Audrey Bishop who draws the best and weirdest faces, and stunning masquerade-esque masks and merchandise by costume designer Hippy Poppins. The night was dedicated to celebrating independent artists who explore the dark and melancholy side of life through music, art, fashion and film, and the atmosphere was set by the black drawn curtains and a showcase of clips from black and white horror films which was displayed in the background throughout the night, the artwork was displayed on the walls and everywhere you looked there was something ‘noir’ going on.  Some of the audience came dressed for the occasion…

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The Grinning, Leering Face of Corporatised Dystopia Swallows Denmark Street in its Inexorable Ingestion of London

Or, "Goodbye to Denmark Street; I hope you're fucking happy, Mr Johnson." As usual, I'm a few weeks behind the curve on this one: the articles have been written, the petition has been signed, and the developers are riding roughshod over public interest. London has lost the 12-Bar Club and Enterprise Studios. As many other … Continue reading The Grinning, Leering Face of Corporatised Dystopia Swallows Denmark Street in its Inexorable Ingestion of London